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龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP ASIA R&D BASE has been set up in 1988. The headquarter is located in HUGUANG ROAD, HUZHONG, JINJIANG, FUJIAN, CHINA; 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP is a combination of innovation, R&D, production, marketing and service;The products and quality are one of the best in the PU industry. The main concepts 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 have insisted on are “Environmental-Friendly, Innovation, R&D and Technology”. 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP is working on being the NO.1 in the worldwide PU Industry. 
The main products are Chemicals, Non-Woven Coating PU, High-density Non-Woven Coating PU, Microfiber Series, Suede Material (Microfiber Suede and Airolon Suede), TPU and No-Sew materials, and other materials with special functions, etc. The materials are recently used in Shoes, Apparel, Balls, Furniture, Car Decoration, Logo, Airplane Decoration, Yacht Decoration and so on. 
龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP has his own independent selling system. Except China local market, he has customers from Southeast Asia (including Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma. Etc) , India, USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, and so on. With his First-Class R&D, First-Class Design, First-Class Service, First-Class Quality, First-Class Concept, 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 has set up a stable and long-term relationship with the worldwide first-class customers.   
Under HUAHCANG GROUP, there are 7 subsidiary companies including SHICHANG (FUJIAN) PU SYNTHETIC LEATHER CO., LTD, HUAYI (FUJIAN) POLYURETHANE CO.LTD, CHUANGYI (FUJIAN) RESIN CO., LTD, HUASHI (FUJIAN) TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, KEYI (FUJIAN) MICROFIBER CO., LTD, TAIWEI (FUJIAN) TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 (FUJIAN) CO., LTD, and so on. They are the strong backup for 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP’S independent selling system. 
To adapt to the trend of internationa lizationg  for shoes industry , Huachang Group is establishing an integrationg base of R&D and production in Vietnam, which it is with company name---龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站(VIETNAM) TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. And it will provide high quality products for Global Brands.
“INNOVATE EVERY DAY”! 龙8游戏-long8国际官方网站 GROUP has persisted in the idea of “DO THE PROFESSIONS!DEVELOP THE BUSINESS! PROMOTE THE INDUSTRIES! And he will never stop the step to go forward!